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Praying for Opportunities | Pray for Life

Before he was taken up into heaven Jesus said ‘But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses …’ (Acts 1:8).

We witness both through our words and lives to the reality of God’s adoption of us into his family and our trust in him. Many of us shy away from the idea of witnessing, fearful of not having answers to people’s questions or concerned that it will negatively affect our relationships. Yet witnesses are just required to share their experience, not give a theological treatise! Some workplaces are particularly hostile environments in which to have any faith discussion and so prayer for wisdom is important (Workplace Grace: Becoming a Spiritual Influence at Work by Bill Peel & Walt Larimore is helpful on this).

In his book Evangelism for Amateurs, Michael Green writes of the need to build bridges of friendship which Jesus can walk across:

‘How does God approach us? Does he deafen us with shouts from afar? Does he demand instant response? Does he bombard us with messages? No, instead he woos us rebellious human beings not so much with declarations of truth, but with the beauties of nature, the goodness and generosity of other people, the love of our friends. That is how he seeks to get through to us. And, best of all, he comes in person – as one of us, a man among men. He comes alongside. He comes to befriend. And when he has allayed our suspicions and absorbed our hostility, he gently draws us back to the one who makes sense of life, the God who gave it to us. If God communicates that way, wouldn’t we be wise to take a leaf out of his book?’

God will provide opportunities to be a witness if we ask for them and then give us wisdom in what we say.

Prayer points

  • Pray for opportunities to build bridges of friendship.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to empower you to be a witness.
  • Pray for the courage to speak about your faith to others.
  • Pray that love casts out our fears.
  • Pray for wisdom for what to say and how to say it.
  • Pray for sensitivity to leading of the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray for eyes to see the opportunities to be a witness that the Lord gives you.
  • Pray that your friends and colleagues would want to know more about your faith.
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