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‘Not Made for the Harbour’: a whole-life worship song

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God’s presence calls us out

As followers of Jesus, we’re called to join in his work in the world rather than just in our safe Christian bubbles – leaving his mark in town halls and factories, fields and offices, markets and schools.

‘Not Made for the Harbour,’ a whole-life worship song by Andy Flannagan, is all about flourishing as we work with God for the benefit of the people around us and the places we’re in. Because we have a Saviour who left the safety of heaven to change the world – and he invites us to follow his example.

Commissioned by LICC and Thy Kingdom Come and accompanied by a fun animated video, it’s an upbeat song perfect for Sunday morning worship. If you run all age services, it’d be a great fit for those, too!

It’s an encouragement to be bold in the power of the Spirit, to trust him even though life can be ‘cold and dark’, and to pray that ‘this worn world would be transformed’ as he works through us in our ordinary places.

The video shows what that might look like in practice, as God works through three Christians – a factory employee, a school pupil, and a local councillor – to bring justice, mercy, and reconciliation in their everyday contexts.

The story behind the song

Songwriter Andy Flannagan speaks to Lady T about the inspiration behind ‘Not Made for the Harbour’, the song’s message for Christians in all kinds of roles, and his hope that it’ll inspire thousands to ask, ‘What is God calling me to out in his world?’

Lyrics and chords sheet (PDF) | Not Made for the Harbour

Keen to play ‘Not Made for the Harbour’ in your church – or your bedroom? Download the chords and lyrics here.

Download the ‘Not Made for the Harbour’ music video with lyrics (MP4)

This video download is provided for use in a live church setting, or for streaming online as part of your worship service. It features the full lyrics on screen. It should not be uploaded on its own to any website or social media account. You may embed the YouTube video on your website.

Download the backing track (MP3) | Not Made for the Harbour

Download and use the backing track for your worship set.



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