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The Mentor Linkup gatherings will be 7–9pm on the last Monday of the month, with food and in-person unless otherwise stated.

26.9.22 – Launch (with mentors)
31.10.22 – Mentees: session 1
21.11.22 – Mentees: session 2
19.12.22 – Mentees: session 3
23.1.23 – Mentees: session 4
20.2.23 – Mentees: session 5
20.03.23 – Mentees: session 6
17.04.23 – Mentees: session 7
15.05.23 – Commissioning (with mentors)

‘When you’re starting out and have no idea what you’re doing, having someone to affirm what you’re doing right and point out what you might want to do differently is awesome. If you don’t have a mentor, sign up.”  – Mentor Linkup mentee, 2020

Your transition from university student to young professional is a moment full of exciting opportunity. But so many graduates struggle to connect their Christian faith to their work, workplaces, and fellow workers with the ease they did when students.

But others have walked this path. Over decades, these professionals have known God is present with them, that their work matters to Christ, and that they can be a Spirit-empowered force for good wherever – and among whomever – they find themselves. They’ve not only survived – they’ve thrived.

Mentor Linkup is an opportunity to learn from people just like that and to discover for yourself how the gospel makes a difference in this new stage of life.

Once a month for nine months, you’ll meet with your mentor to share how you’re doing, ask questions, and learn from their wisdom. Plus, your conversations will run in parallel with monthly mentee gatherings, where we’ll eat, talk, and discuss together what it means to be a disciple at work, using LICC’s Transforming Work course.

Mentor Linkup is running in person in Nottingham from September 2022.

Applications are now open – fill out the form to register your interest.

Mentor Linkup

You can apply to be a mentee or register your interest in mentoring someone below.