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Jan: The Anaesthetist (6M People)

Jan makes good work as she figures out the perfect dose for a patient; ministers grace and love by picking up others’ emergency calls when they’re overloaded; and works for truth and justice as she speaks out for her exhausted team.

Releasing throughout November 2021, the 6M People film series shares true stories of God at work through ordinary Christians in everyday places, as they live out the 6Ms of fruitfulness. It’s designed to help you ask: what small (or big!) things could God be doing through you? Discover the whole series.

Discover fruitfulness in your own life

Check out the full 6M People video series and discover other true stories of God at work through ordinary Christians.

Plus, to help you and your small group discover fruitfulness in your own lives, we’ve created the ‘6MOT’ reflection guide to follow on from the videos, taking you through each ‘M’ with simple questions. Download it and the videos for free now.