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Discover Immanuel: a whole-life worship song

Our God is with us, wherever we are.

A proper home-cooked roast dinner. A really brilliant night’s sleep. A sleeves-rolled-up day at work.

How often do you see God in these everyday things?

‘Immanuel’, a brand new worship song commissioned by LICC and written by much-loved songwriter Andy Flannagan, looks at these moments of our ordinary lives – cooking, working, driving, walking, sleeping – and encourages us to see God in them, close beside us as we go about our daily tasks.

The song and accompanying music video are designed help you see God in your own life, and prompt you to pray for your frontline.

This is a sneak preview pre-release track from Andy’s forthcoming album. Sign up to be the first to hear about it and receive free tracks.

Use ‘Immanuel’ with your church

If you’re a church leader, why not use ‘Immanuel’ in your online worship or small groups? It’s a great way to encourage people to see their frontlines through God’s eyes, and help them to pray for their daily contexts.

In this short film, Mark Greene, LICC’s Executive Director, unpacks the significance of the song and how our sung worship can equip and inspire us to join God’s work in our everyday lives.

Copyright for the music, lyrics, and video of ‘Immanuel’ belongs to LICC and Andy Flannagan (CCLI #7157501). You may include the music video and/or lyrics as part of your online church service.

Download Video

Download the ‘Immanuel’ music video and Mark’s introduction to use in your next service or small group session.

Chord Sheet (PDF)

Want to sing ‘Immanuel’ yourself, with your small group, or in your online worship? Download the lyrics and chords here.

Discover more resources at Andy Flannagan’s website.