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Encouraging People in the Workplace

Work has purpose. It matters to God. It’s an essential component of God’s mission – the reconciliation and restoration of all things.

Our work, after all, either contributes to making the world a better place or worse one. And just as in Eden, where God’s work creates order, brings beauty, provides what is needed, and releases potential, so through our work we can do the same.

There’s another aspect to work that is easily overlooked: work is a primary place where people are both discipled and work out their discipleship. For all these reasons, and more, many church leaders want to be intentional about creating a community where working Christians find encouragement and discipleship.

‘The primary action of the church in the world is the action of its members in their daily work.’ Lesslie Newbigin

Much of what happens in churches that are ‘frontline focused’ will do that well. When preachers weave workplace issues and illustrations into sermons and champion prayer for work, that’s vital equipping. In these ways, work is treated as one of many frontlines that a church community will have. Exploring work can become a regular feature of church life. Other ways to encourage working people in ways that include the whole community are these.

Fruitfulness on the Frontline

This is a great small-group resource to help everyone make a difference for God wherever they are. Or a group of working people can be encouraged to do it together. It can also be used as a sermon series and there are outlines for this on this site.

Commissioning services

There are many opportunities to commission people for God’s work. New job, retirement, people in a sector like education where many are involved as parents and governors as well as teachers.

For leaders who want to go further and create opportunities specifically for working people, here are four ideas:

Workplace Sundays

Celebrate God’s gift of work and help everyone to see the whole week as worship too.

Invite an LICC speaker

LICC can offer workplace speakers to churches for presentations and sermons. View our Faith at Work: Invite a Speaker article

Transforming Work

An innovative workplace discipleship journey, run in an engaging yet easy-to-use multimedia format, TW combines teaching, skills development, prayer, Bible study and group conversation all with working Christians in mind. Its rhythm means that it’s easy to integrate into church life and programmes.

Ask great questions

They will lead to great conversations. And you’ll underline the fact that their work matters to you. Over coffee or with people in their workplaces, here are three questions to kick off a great time:

  • How is your work shaping you?
  • How does your particular work matter to God?
  • How can we help you serve God’s purposes there?

‘The gospel reminds us that God cares about the products we make, the companies we work for and the customers we serve. He not only loves us, but also loves the world and wants us to serve it well.’
Katherine Leary Alsdorf