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Business & The Image of God

In this article, Dr Amy L. Sherman explores how one CEO’s changing view of his employees has re-shaped his organisational culture.

Once you’ve read it, try reflecting on the questions below with your own workplace in mind.

Questions for reflection

  1. Which word best sums up how you and your organisation think about the people who work there – workforce, employees, staff, workers, etc. – and what underlying values and beliefs does this reveal?
  2. How does this affect your attitudes and actions towards each other? Can you think of specific examples – practices, policies, structures, etc. – that demonstrate this?
  3. What difference would it make to your attitudes and actions to begin to see these people as ‘somebody’s precious child’? How would this affect the examples you thought of?
  4. What, if anything, stands in the way of you adopting this perspective?
  5. How might you begin to shape your workplace culture in response?

We’d love to hear your thoughts and reflections – do add your own comments below.

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