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Routed: Journeying into Work with God

A group study for students preparing for life post-uni, laying out biblical mindsets and practical steps for entering the working world.
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Most students leave university in a flurry of exam sweat, half-packed boxes, and last hurrahs. That is, without a lot of spiritual preparation.

Instead, we plunge into the working world believing a lot of myths: that God is mostly for church and quiet-time, that business means business, that we have ‘one true calling’, and that we should have it all together. Routed breaks those myths down. It’s the ultimate prep for life post-uni – packed into a four-session small group study.

Each of its sessions includes Bible study, discussion, self-reflection activities, real-life stories, and time for prayers together, packed into about 90 minutes. It is designed to be four weekly gatherings during a single university term, led by students or student workers.

Routed’s four sessions cover:
  • God’s interest in the whole of life
  • Being faithful in our work
  • Choosing work wisely
  • Navigating change well

Each member in your Routed study group will need a participant’s workbook containing session outlines, discussion questions, fill-in charts, key points, prayers, and a ‘for six months later’ section with follow-up reading and reflections.

Along with the participant’s workbook for sale here, Routed includes eight session videos and a digital leader’s guide. The leader’s guide contains helpful introductory pages, a guide to session themes and materials, and ‘leader’s notes’ to help you understand the flow and guide conversations.

Both the videos and the leader’s guide are free and available at

Published: 2019
Pages: 67

  1. It’s a reminder that you are not necessarily called to a specific vocation – but to be someone God can use in that place, wherever you are.

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