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Life on the Frontline DVD

A six-session course with short films, biblical reflections, real stories, and interactive exercises to help small groups explore Christ’s call and commission for the whole of life.
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Life on the Frontline combines short films, discussion material, biblical teaching, and real-life stories in an inspiring six-session course.

We may be old or young; healthy or infirm; rich or poor; employed or not. Whoever we are, as Christians we have at least one thing in common: we each have a ‘frontline’. A place where we can show and share something of God’s love and grace. So imagine the impact on our neighbourhoods, schools, clubs, and workplaces if we were really able to really help one another make a difference for Christ right where we are, Monday to Sunday. This six-session, DVD-based course explores just that.

Visit the Life on the Frontline resource page for supporting resources, including leader’s and participant’s guides and transcripts of the session videos.
  1. ‘Realising that I have a frontline has been so releasing for me as a person. It’s been life-changing to recognise my calling and my mission.’

  2. ‘My church and my leadership have been transformed by heightening the importance of where people are day by day, and commissioning them to be there as Jesus’ disciples.’

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