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Launched: Journeying Through Uni with God

A group study giving students a vision for whole-life discipleship at uni.
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Uni life is exhilarating. And exhausting.

3am fire alarms. Nights out. Libraries. Labs. Sport. Deadlines. Sometimes it’s hard to see God in all of this.

We can go through uni thinking there are two sides of life: the holy side – church, prayer meetings, mission weeks – and everything else. Launched inspires a whole new perspective.

It gives students the understanding, tools, and confidence to live for Christ in every area of uni life. In the tough decisions, last-minute essays, and late night conversations… God is at work.

Over three sessions, a small group will cover:
  • God working through us right where we are
  • A framework for living as disciples day-by-day
  • Seeing our degree subject’s place in God’s world

Launched helps students develop biblical mindsets and practical next steps for whole-life discipleship through Bible study, discussion, real-life stories, and exercises for self-reflection and prayer. Its three sessions are designed as regular gatherings during a single university term. Each session takes about 60 minutes and can be led by students or student workers.

Each member in your study group will need a participant’s workbook containing session outlines, discussion questions, fill-in charts, key points, prayers, and a ‘Journeying On’ section with follow-up reading and reflections.

Along with the participant’s workbook for sale here, Launched includes four content videos and a digital leader’s guide. The leader’s guide contains helpful introductory pages, a guide to session themes and materials, and ‘leader’s notes’ to help you understand the flow and guide conversations.

Both the videos and the leader’s guide are available free at

Published: 2019
Pages: 39

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