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Christmas Cards 2021

Share the hope of Christ’s birth with LICC’s much-loved cards – complete with beautiful imagery and a thought-provoking poem.
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Share the joy of Christ with your friends, family, and colleagues this Christmas.

This year’s card features a poem by Mark Greene reflecting on the shepherds’ wonder at Christ’s birth – and the hope his coming offers in our daily lives. Read the poem below.

Also featured is Michael Ridley’s beautiful artwork, depicting the shepherds gathered in awe round the manger, with the words ‘Nothing seems impossible anymore’.

Each pack contains six Christmas cards with envelopes and space to write a special message to family, friends, and colleagues.


The Impossible

We are country folk. We know how things work:
Chicks – roosters, hens. Babies – women, men.
But this? This was impossible. A pregnant virgin?
A contradiction in terms. Surely some kind of joke.
An angel in the room? God in the womb?
A heavenly claim to cloak an earthly shame?

But when you’ve seen the impossible,
Held the impossible in your arms,
Heard the impossible gurgle, giggle, cry,
Seen the impossible open eyes, mouth, palms…
When you’ve seen the impossible,
Nothing seems impossible anymore:

Ashen hope may whoosh into flame,
The shattered heart grow whole again,
Guilt-leaden feet find their rhythm,
All our sin be once and forever forgiven.
And peace, whatever the day may bring,
Soar in our hearts like eagles on the wing.

— Mark Greene

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