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LICC Christmas Cards Pack 2020

Share the joy of Jesus’s birth with LICC’s Christmas cards – complete with beautiful imagery and a thought-provoking poem.
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LICC’s much-loved Christmas cards are back for 2020.

This year’s card features a poem by Mark Greene reflecting on the promise of Christmas for our everyday lives.

Each pack contains six Christmas cards with envelopes and space to write a special message to family, friends, and colleagues.

Christmas Promise

This baby, this God, my God, Mary’s son,
Did not come as an artist’s impression,
Oil on canvas, tempera on wood,
But from the womb: bone, brain, heart, blood.
Came to show that this life,
Come what may, come what came to him…

A country life: brothers, sisters, festivals, friends,
Hands calloused working wood and stone; and then
Temptation, betrayal, slander, shame,
Whip, nail, spittle, pain,
All evil’s weight, and breath-taking death…

This life, my life, any life could, with him, be full, rich, free,
Come what comes, as he intended it to be.

Christmas is a promise,
The divine guarantee of this possibility:
God with us day by day in our humanity,
Heaven-scented with the pledge of eternity.

by Mark Greene
Cover design by Grete Bauder

© LICC 2020

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