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LICC Christmas Cards Pack 2019

Share the joy of Jesus’s birth with LICC’s Christmas cards – complete with beautiful imagery and a thought-provoking poem.
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LICC’s much-loved Christmas cards are back for 2019.

This year’s design features a poem by Mark Greene exploring Mary’s response to the call to be Jesus’s mother – and how we can take inspiration from her whole-life obedience.

Also featured is Grete Bauder’s evocative painting of the Annunciation, when the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary.

Each pack contains six Christmas cards with envelopes and space to write a special message to family, friends, and colleagues.

Mother-to-be or not-to-be,
That, for Mary, was not the question.
No, all the life she had formerly supposed
Still stretched out clear before her, unenclosed.
Mother-to-him or not-to-him was her specific invitation:
Would she give her life to bring his life to her nation,
Carry his life into her everyday everythings,
Let this divine bearing determine all her bearings?

Our invitations come similarly personalised,
Our self-imagined futures still open before our eyes.
Ours then similarly to decide:
Will we let him grow great inside,
Give our life to bring his life to our situation,
Trust him to bring peace to our anxious nation,
Carry his life into our everyday everythings,
And sing there with joy whatever song he sings?

Mothers-to-be? by Mark Greene
Illustration by Grete Bauder

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