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Supporting Christians in Education
(Trevor Cooling with Mark Greene, 2008)

Education: many churches already have so many people involved – children, teachers, parents, administrators – but how can we equip and support one another to make a difference in this vital arena of national life? This insightful resource lays out a compelling vision for Christian involvement and mission in education, and provides a host of practical ideas for church leaders, teachers, and parents to help all those involved in education flourish as whole-life disciples.

Let My People Grow
(Mark Greene & Tracy Cotterell – editors, 2006)

This collection of essays is a cry from the heart for the 21st-Century church. If the church is to have an impact on our society, it must learn to make disciples, not converts – Christians who live for Christ in every aspect of their life. This is a thought-provoking and inspiring collection of reflections, exploring the challenge of true disciplemaking.

Imagine How We Can Reach The UK – DVD

This creative, entertaining, practical short film addresses the challenge of living well as a disciple in today’s rapidly changing culture. Mark Greene explores the main reasons for the church’s difficulties in equipping Christians for today’s world, and proposes a simple but radical way forward – focusing on God’s care for every aspect of life. Complete with exercises, questions, slides, and leader’s guides.

Imagine How We Can Reach The UK
(Mark Greene, 2003)

So urgent that its author prayed he wouldn’t die before he’d managed to write it, this essay kickstarted a conversation in the UK church on the need to refocus on whole-life disciplemaking. It unpacks the challenge facing the church in contemporary British society, and why a holistic approach to discipleship is the key to reaching the whole population for Christ.

The Three-Eared Preacher
(Mark Greene, 1998)

This essay is a tool designed to help busy preachers make their preaching more helpful to their congregations. Field-tested by preachers from a range of denominations, it lays out a simple five-step process for listening to your congregation and the real issues they face in their daily lives – as well as what the Bible has to say. As a result, you’ll be better able to tailor your sermons to your congregation’s daily pressures and opportunities – and so equip them for impact where they are.

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