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Wisdom Lab: Following Jesus in a Sexular Age


Thursday 31 March 2022 | 7:00pm

Online Event

Outdated and repressive? Life-giving and fulfilling?

How should we understand and live biblical teaching about sexuality and marriage today?

As religion’s influence in Western society wanes, fewer and fewer people are drawing meaning from God’s word and authority. So, what’s stepped into this ideological vacuum? Where can we turn for meaning and purpose?

Often, the answer is sex. The pursuit of sexual ‘freedom’ is increasingly seen as a social good. Our culture and day-to-day contexts are no longer just post-Christian and secular, but sexular. If you’re having the kind of sex you want to have and fighting for others’ right to do the same, you must be a fulfilled and enlightened person – or so the accepted narrative goes.

In that narrative, traditional interpretations of sexuality and marriage have gone from good to bad to dangerous. And debates around sexuality aren’t just happening in secular society. In the light of the Church of England’s Living in Love and Faith project, questions are reverberating around churches just as much.

As disciples, we need wisdom for the way forward. In the midst of such a contentious issue, we need to have a better conversation – one where the outcome isn’t just a solution to a problem, but an attractive and faithful vision for what sexuality could be when lived out in the light of God’s purposes.

Join us for this workshop as we:

  • listen to the world, the word, and one another, to understand why sexuality carries such cultural currency
  • imagine what the biblical role of sex might be
  • create a faithful and kind response that engages and loves our neighbour
  • communicate the good news of Jesus to a world that sometimes sees it as anything but good

What does it look like to live the kingdom way in a culture fixated on sex? As we explore this topic there’ll be space to discuss with other people. We recognise that many of us will hold differing views on this topic – all are welcome to join the conversation as we seek a wise way forward together.


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