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Wisdom Lab: Better Conversations | The Use and Abuse of Power


Saturday 9 November | 10:00am


LICC, St Peter's Vere Street, London, W1G 0DQ

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Tired of talking past each other on contentious topics? Want an honest dialogue with each other to work out how to follow Jesus in divided times? 

Then this Better Conversation is for you! Tailored for 18–35s but open to all, this in-person gathering will give you a safe space to explore what you think, wrestle with tricky topics, and consider what it all means for the way you live today. 

In 2024, each new month seems to bring some fresh scandal of broken leadership. Narcissism, toxicity, and power abuse have become wearingly familiar terms to many of us – not only through stories we see at a distance, but often through our own firsthand experiences of problematic leadership in organisations, workplaces, and even churches.

Many of us are asking how we can begin to process and respond to this, especially when we ourselves don’t necessarily seem to possess the power to effect change. How can we make sense of what’s going on? And how can we begin to formulate fresh ways of thinking, acting, and speaking?

This Better Conversation, hosted by LICC and Invisible Castle, is a chance to begin exploring questions like this on the use and abuse of power, both inside and outside the church.  

Better Conversations are part of LICC’s Wisdom Lab offering, which seeks to help Christians live as wise peacemakers in their everyday contexts, responding well to the culture they’re in. Their unique approach doesn’t revolve around monologues from the front. Instead, we’re creating a safe space, built around discussion and interaction, in which we can all dive into our own questions and concerns. We’ll be simultaneously learning from one another and also exploring some practical approaches which we can apply into our contexts.

Rock up for a light breakfast at LICC’s London HQ, followed by a day of honest conversation that’ll help us think and act in a way that rebuilds trust and demonstrates Christlike leadership and healthy use of power in our everyday lives. There’ll be plenty of unhurried space to build friendships across the day, as well as time to head out and pick up some lunch – Marylebone is full of great options!

If you’re done with knee-jerk reactions like shouting at each other or simply disengaging and you long for a better way, then join us for a better conversation.