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Why You’re Stressed and What to Do About It


Monday 10 May | 7:00pm

Online Event

There’s a difference between pressure and stress.

Pressure can be unpleasant – but it can also can be an exhilarating focusing of the mind. Stress, on the other hand, is something darker, more acidic – a jangly current running through the veins and a mind that won’t shut down. Over-intense emotions and a weariness in your bones. A loss of joy in the things that usually put a zing in the day, and the sense that it isn’t going to change.

So why do we suffer stress? How can we better understand it? And what wisdom is there to help us disempower it?

Beverley is a trainer, writer, and executive coach who literally wrote the book on stress. We’re delighted to host her for an evening of thoughtful content and discussion on this urgent topic. We’d love to invite you to join us for an LICC Emerging Leaders webinar with Bev to dive into these crucial questions.

The evening is aimed at young professionals taking on their first management and team leadership roles, who may be discovering the realities of workplace stress in a new way. We’ll reflect on the Bible, look at five key ‘stress drivers’, and work through a case study together.

You don’t have to be below 35 to attend, either – there’ll be wisdom here for all ages and stages.

Please note this webinar will involve some digital crowd participation, so you’ll find it helpful to have a smartphone to hand. There will also be a number of discussions held in breakout rooms.


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