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Undoing Inequality Through Business


Monday 1 November | 7:00pm

Online Event

How business can make the world a fairer place

In the Bible, ‘jubilee’ points us to the God-given practice of undoing inequality. For Old Testament Israel, it meant slaves were freed, prisoners were released, and debts were cancelled every seven years. People got a fresh start, and the society of God’s chosen people was realigned with the kingdom of heaven.

How can we model that vision in the 21st-Century UK and beyond? And in a global society that often seems dominated by market forces, what role can businesses play in creating a fairer world?

Global entrepreneur and impact investor Dato Kim Tan is perfectly placed to address these crucial questions.

In a long and distinguished career in social venture capital investing, he has consistently applied the biblical vision of jubilee to business practices – including when he turned a successful pharmaceutical business into a major social entrepreneurship organisation, releasing investment into a variety of programmes that have transformed lives across Africa and Asia.

Join him as he shares from wide experience how businesses can act for social justice – including through wealth creation and distribution, cancellation of debt, people-focused investment practice, and stewarding the environment.

Be inspired to put biblical jubilee into practice in your own work – whatever sector you’re in, and whatever level you’re at.


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