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The Surprising Rebirth of Belief in God: an Evening with Justin Brierley & Tom Holland


Tuesday 5 March | 7:00pm


Westminster Chapel, London

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Are we about to see a resurgence of belief in our generation? 

This is the conviction of the author and broadcaster Justin Brierley, following nearly two decades of conversations with Christians, atheists, and agnostics. Despite many predicting the decline of Christianity, could it be that we’re observing a rebirth of faith in our time? If so, how should we react, and what impact could this have?

Join Justin and the acclaimed historian, podcast host, and author Tom Holland in dialogue with LICC’s Paul Woolley and Grace Fielding as they explore why New Atheism grew old and many thinkers are reconsidering Christianity.

The conversation will be based on Justin’s new book, The Surprising Rebirth of Belief in God, which tells the story of how the conversation has changed in recent years. Beginning with the rise and fall of the New Atheist movement, it explores why a new set of so-called ‘secular’ thinkers are turning away from the materialist non-story of reality as they reconsider how the Christian story speaks to today’s meaning crisis.

Despite many predicting the death of Christianity, we may yet see the ‘sea of faith’ return in our generation. But will the church be ready?