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The Robot Will See You Now


Monday 30 May | 7:00pm

Online Event

In the last decade, technology that used to belong in science fiction has become a reality in our world.

Artificial intelligence (AI) now plays a key role in daily activities as varied as getting a medical diagnosis or asking your satnav for directions. Big businesses are using AI to serve you exactly the right advert at exactly the right time. And some countries are already preparing for a future where there’s a reduced need – or desire – for human work, as AI does an increasing number of jobs for us.

AI has brought huge leaps forward in the ease and convenience of life and work. But that ‘progress’ also raises important social and ethical issues. How are we to relate to other people? What direction do we want to move in as a society? And, at the most basic level, what does it mean to be human?

New technology, old questions. So what might a millenia-old faith have to say to AI’s impact on our work, our relationships, and our medical treatment?

Join Prof John Wyatt as he explores the anwers to that very question. On the night, he’ll consider how we should approach the use of AI in the years ahead, appreciating the benefits of autonomous technology while remaining firmly aware of its dangers. And he’ll unpack what this might mean for how we live, work, and play as Christians on our frontlines.

 Join us to grow in your understanding of AI and in confidence to live as one of the people of God, sharing the good news in a world of artificial intelligence.


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