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LICC Lunchtime Sessions: The Frontline Lives of 18–35s


Monday 28 October | 1:00pm

Online Event

According to research, 73% of young adults raised in a Christian home have dropped out of church by the time they’re 35.*  

It’s a sobering statistic for those of us leading churches, ministries, and small groups. We long to see a generation of resilient disciples reviving our churches and transforming our nation. To turn the tide, we must be attentive to the unique characteristics and concerns of the young adults in (and around) our churches – particularly if we’re in leadership.  

What can we learn from the 27% of young adults who’ve remained in the church and grasped faith for themselves? What shapes their lives? What questions are they struggling with? Where do they have useful, piercing insight?  

If you care about discipling young adults, join us for a one-hour lunchtime webinar presenting key findings from LICC’s latest research report, The Frontline Lives of 18–35s in the UK 

We’ll discuss the six distinguishing markers of young adult disciples and the ways they’re blessing their colleagues and communities. And we’ll explore the five questions these same young adults are struggling with – the tensions that pose the biggest challenge to their fruitfulness.  

We’ll also present our recommendations for how church and ministry leaders can help create resilient disciples in this age group – in the prayerful hope that future studies will show more young adults living their whole lives with and for Jesus.   

*Barna/World Vision, The Connected Generation – UK country report, 2019