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Ten Ways Worshipping Together Fuels our Worship in the World | LICC Lunchtime Sessions


Monday 5 February

Online Event

When we say ‘worship’, we usually mean our time together in church: lifting up our voices in song, praying, and pouring out adoration to the Almighty. But we know our time apart is also worship.

Our lives are filled with opportunities to worship him – through our work, our relationships, our hobbies, our tasks, and more. In this one-hour lunchtime seminar, we’ll explore how these two understandings of worship are intrinsically linked. How can we use the time when we gather as worshippers to set people up for worship in God’s world?  

Different churches have different styles, musical preferences, and traditions. But we’re all prayerfully trying to cultivate a precious time which brings glory to God – and every Sunday there’s the potential to encourage or discourage whole-life discipleship. 

Get your sandwiches and join us at midday on Zoom to think about how we can harness the songs we use, the prayer activities we engage in, and other worship practices to create a ripple effect in people’s everyday lives. Plus, we’ll explore how we can avoid leaving people with the impression that the only time to worship is on a Sunday morning, instead convincing them they have an invitation to proclaim the glory of God in everything they do. 

The third in our popular lunchtime seminar series, this session will be led by LICC’s experienced Church Team along with whole-life worship experts Joy Bishop and Sam and Sara Hargreaves.  

When we leave our gathered worship times, may we be able to say to one another, ‘Now for a time of worship.’