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It’s time to discover gospel-shaped purpose in the transition to life after uni.

If you’re a final-year student, or know one in your church, you’ll know that the transition from uni to the working world is imminent. And the pandemic has made that transition even tougher than usual – virtual graduations, missed goodbyes, and a shrinking job market. Lots of people don’t even know when they’ll be working, let alone what they’ll be doing.

Yet in the midst of this uncertainty there are opportunities to invest our time, gather new tools, and get prepared for whatever comes next. That’s exactly what Routed LIVE is for.

A series of four interactive webinars for recent graduates, each Routed LIVE session will give you a chance to explore with others:

  • Your future: Living fruitfully whatever the next year has in store
  • Your work: Seeing our work through God’s eyes
  • Your calling: Understanding what God is asking of each of us
  • Your transition: Making it through a season of change with your faith intact

If that sounds like an opportunity you think you (or a graduate you know) could make the most of, why not join our Routed LIVE: Class of ’21 cohort this June?

We’ll meet on Zoom and work through the Routed course together: a four-part study that includes videos, teaching, exercises, and discussions to help you make the transition into work thoughtfully, practically, and purposefully.

Routed LIVE will be hosted by LICC’s Tim Yearsley UCCF’s Emma Nicholls. Regular student groups can sign up to the webinars together with their local leaders, and individuals will be able to connect with peers looking to enter similar sectors.

Gospel shaped purpose awaits you in this moment of transition. Why not discover it?

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