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ReTreat. Your. Self.


Friday 26 November | 2:00pm

Online Event

Feel like you’re surviving, not thriving at work?

Then make like Parks and Rec’s Tom and Donna and ReTreat Your Self!

When life is crazy busy, it’s easy to feel like you’re churning away for the sake of it, battering through the stress and dreaming of the weekend. But that couldn’t be further from God’s vision of work.

If you’re a young professional and want to learn how to better see and celebrate what God is doing in your working week, we’d love to invite you to our afternoon micro retreat.

Through a mix of curated content, solo work, time outside, and talking with your peers, you’ll be able to pause, reflect, and renew your vision for your work – as God intended it to be.

Hosted by Tim Yearsley, our Emerging Generations lead, this retreat is designed for those in the first decade of their working lives.


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