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Preaching Through Ezekiel


Thursday 29 April | 2:00pm

Online Event

Could it be that we’d preach more from the book of Ezekiel if we were more confident in how to go about it?

Could it be that the the themes in this strange, vision-filled book are still poignant for our times?

Could it be that Ezekiel’s ministry offers helpful pointers for us preachers today?

Sometimes we all need some encouragement to preach from parts of the Bible we don’t tend to pick. For many of us, Ezekiel will fall into that category. But its message was for a people suffering trauma, far from where they wanted to be. In his unique way, Ezekiel still speaks powerfully to ‘exiles’ today. And in doing so, he offers a model for preachers – engaging in the context of his time, speaking to a people suffering upheaval, and bringing the challenge as well as the comfort of the gospel.

Join us as we unpack this rich book, using LICC’s Gateway Seven Ezekiel Bible study as a framework to consider how we might preach through six key passages. Using worked examples, we’ll also offer some other templates for preaching through the book with a whole-life discipleship lens, and consider some good (and bad!) practices when preaching on Ezekiel for a one-off sermon.

This event will include opportunities to discuss core ideas and concepts in breakout groups. No prior knowledge is assumed or required – you don’t have to be an Ezekiel expert to join in!

And if you’d like to go deeper into Ezekiel’s implications for our daily lives, why not join our Ezekiel Bible day beforehand (13 or 17 April)?


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