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Overcoming the Great Divide


Monday 14 June | 7:00pm

Online Event

The biggest barrier to everyday mission is ourselves.

It’s eleven years since the publication of Mark Greene’s seminal work The Great Divide. It challenged the sacred-secular divide (SSD) that had such a debilitating impact on the Western church for over a century. SSD is the idea that some parts of life really matter to God – like church services, community initiatives, and Bible studies. They’re sacred. But everything else from work to rest to sport is ‘secular’ and not truly important to the Creator and Redeemer of all things.

In the last decade a great deal has changed. There is more of a willingness to recognise that God is interested in, and involved with, the created world and the individual lives of humans. But the SSD remains stubbornly powerful, with life- and mission-limiting consequences. The arguments against SSD still need to be made.

To celebrate the launch of a fully revised and updated edition of The Great Divide, LICC CEO Paul Woolley will host a conversation with Mark Greene and three guests who are tackling SSD on their frontlines every day – in business, publishing, community engagement, and the church. They’ll explore changing attitudes since the original book was published and ways to overcome the barriers to everyday mission – right where we are.


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