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Movies are Prayers


Thursday 22 April | 7:00pm

Online Event

‘Movies are our way of telling God what we think about this world and our place in it. They can be many things: escapist experiences, historical artifacts, business ventures, artistic expressions. I’d like to suggest they can also be prayers.’

This is former Chicago Sun-Times critic Josh Larsen’s thesis. Building on his book of the same name, this event brings you a film critic’s unique perspective on how movies are expressions of lament, joy, confession, and praise to God.

Films, of course, present a unique opportunity to practice double listening – the practice John Stott described as ‘listening to two voices at the same time: the voice of God through Scripture and the voices of men and women around us. These voices will often contradict one another, but our purpose in listening to them both is to discover how they relate to each other. Double listening is indispensable to Christian discipleship and Christian mission.’

We’re pleased to host Josh Larsen as he models just such an approach for us – not just so we can use it in our own reflections, but so we might learn how to have better conversations on our own frontlines.

This event will use breakout rooms for a chance to discuss and network with one another, as well as time for Q&A with Josh.

No prior film viewing is required, but if you want to watch the ‘Best Film’ Oscar nominees ahead of time, it’ll stand you in good stead.


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