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Leading a Church in a Post-Covid Frontline Landscape


Tuesday 16 March | 2:00pm

Online Event

How can a frontline-friendly church respond to the massive changes over recent months? What does it look like to lead a church in this changing frontline landscape?

Just as our ways of operating as churches have changed, so too many people’s frontlines have altered massively since COVID-19 emerged. There are new uncertainties and anxieties but also new opportunities. There are higher levels of homeworking, with more frontlines moving online – but at the same time, an increased number of people are facing redundancy. Some find themselves busier than before, some more bored than ever. There’s a sense of loss, and, for some, a sense of freedom that comes with new possibilities.

In this two-part afternoon series, we’ll explore how we as church leaders can navigate all this and more in a way that equips God’s people for living well on their changing frontlines. What biblical principles can we offer for such a time as this?

In Part 1 we’ll discuss these questions as a group as well as sharing the wisdom LICC has developed over decades.

In Part 2 we’ll further develop the key themes we identified together in Part 1, but the material will stand alone for those unable to attend both dates.

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Keen to explore the changes on your own personal frontline, as well as in church leadership?

Then join our companion evening series Whole Life Discipleship in a Post-Covid Frontline Landscape, also on 9 Feb and 16 March. Suitable for anyone with a frontline (that’s everyone!).

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