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Finding Frontline Confidence


Tuesday 21 June | 1:00pm

Online Event

As church leaders, our people often tell us they find it easier to show confidence about their faith on Sunday, when gathered with other Christians, than out and about in the rest of the week.

It’s easier to sing a little louder than to live a little bolder. Confidence is harder to muster on our frontlines, where we can feel more alone – the ordinary places where we spend time day by day, among people who don’t follow Jesus.

But most of our people would love to grow in faith-confidence for those ordinary places – because confidence combined with humility and kindness is attractive and evangelistically powerful.

So how can we help them grow that confidence, whilst avoiding anything that might seem like self-regard or arrogance?

Join LICC’s Church Team online for training on that very question. We’ll look together at how can we teach confidence when we’re gathered in a way that makes a difference for people when scattered in God’s world. And we’ll consider how we can we support, encourage, and embolden one another as whole-life disciples when we are apart.

Across the afternoon, we’ll explore six key themes, looking at how our confidence grows…

  1. when we’re convinced
  2. with the support of community
  3. when we’re driven by compassion
  4. when we have consistent patterns for spiritual formation
  5. when we feel we have enough competence
  6. when find resolute courage, even in the face of nervousness

You’ll also get suggestions and pointers to help you plan a teaching series on frontline confidence, including ways you could use our planned 2023 Lent devotional journey exploring the six aspects of confidence.

There’ll also be opportunities for reflection, discussion in breakout groups with others, and contributions from church leaders who have been exploring the theme of confidence in a pilot devotional journey.


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