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Fight Like a Christian


Thursday 4 March | 7:00pm

Online Event

There is little doubt that this country has become increasingly divided and divisive – a trend that is alarmingly mirrored globally. It’s spread across society, in the places we work, play, and volunteer, and, tragically, even in the church.

Dialogue has often given way to polemical rhetoric and ‘cancel culture’, making it increasingly difficult to acknowledge any strengths in opposing positions, or even hear them. Sometimes, out of fear, we avoid broaching a controversial subject at all – even when it’s sorely needed. But we flourish – as humans, as a society, as teams, communities, and organisations – when we are able to achieve constructive discourse: when we disagree well.

Now as ever, Christians should be known not just for what we say but how we say it. Not just for what we stand for, but how we respond to those who would stand against us. But how do we do it amidst such division?

In this event, we’ll hear from a panel of experts who have plenty of experience with disagreement in a variety of different contexts. We’ll hear stories of when it’s been handled well and when it’s been handled badly, and receive wisdom for how to respond to disagreement in a Christ-like way as resilient and attractive disciples of Jesus.