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Ezekiel: Living in the Light of God’s Presence


April 13, 2021 | 10:00am - 3:00pm

April 17, 2021 | 10:00am - 3:00pm

Online Event

For many Christians, Ezekiel is an impenetrable book. Ezekiel himself appears to be an eccentric prophet, who uses strange antics to illustrate his sermons. And then there are his bizarre visions. What is his book all about, and how is it significant for the church today?

Ezekiel’s ministry was addressed to a people suffering trauma, in exile, far away from their homeland: a people facing a situation not unlike ours in 2021. For Israel, as for us, exile also brings the opportunity to renew faith and hope in God himself. Ezekiel speaks powerfully to ‘exiles’ today, but he does so primarily because of what he says about God. The Lord repeatedly tells Ezekiel that he was acting – first in judgment, then in restoration – so that his people would know he was the Lord.

Join us for this day workshop exploring the prophecy of Ezekiel. We’ll look at principles for interpreting the book appropriately, and we’ll discover how Ezekiel himself offers a model for preachers and leaders – as he engages in the context of his time with a people suffering upheaval, bringing the challenge as well as the comfort of the gospel.

The day will involve a combination of input and small-group interaction. The workshop will be suitable both for church leaders who would like to reflect on approaching Ezekiel from a whole-life perspective, and also for others who would value an opportunity to explore how this part of the Bible nurtures Christian identity and discipleship in today’s world.

If you’d like to receive deeper training on how to preach from Ezekiel, why not join our dedicated event, Preaching through Ezekiel, on 29 April?

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