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Everyday Ethics


Monday 22 March | 7:00pm

Online Event

We all know the ‘golden rule’: ‘love your neighbour as yourself’. It’s as simple to understand as it is hard to live out.

A scholar once asked Jesus about the rule: ‘Who is my neighbour?’

It’s a question that resonates today more than ever. Who is my neighbour in this hyperconnected and globalised economy? When our purchases impact working conditions on the other side of the globe, our politics bleed into our social media feeds, and our plastics are filling the earth and the oceans, we might well wonder how a Good Samaritan might spend his two denarii if Jesus retold the story today.

These kinds of ethical questions are head-scratchingly complex for all of us, Christian or not. So how can we make sense of it all, and how might an understanding of ethics that flows out of Christian discipleship help us in the 21st Century? What is God calling his church to do, and who is he calling us to be?

Ruth Valerio has spent her career exploring these questions, calling Christians to think more deeply about who we are and the details of how we live outside our Sunday gatherings. Join us for an evening of interactive conversation with Ruth, as we imagine what it might mean to live ethically every day, and how, as disciples of Jesus, our ethics flow from him, through us, and into our world.

If you thought ‘ethics’ was the realm of undergrad philosophy modules, think again. This is an event for Christians young and old, their curious friends, and anyone interested in how our ethics shape our lives.