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How to Have a Difficult Conversation


Thursday 19 November

Online Event

Our Emerging Leaders team tackles one of young workplace leaders’ most requested topics: how to have difficult management conversations.

Whether it’s performance reviews, missed deadlines, or office politics, you can’t get far leading and managing human beings without rubbing up against their fallibility. And your colleagues won’t get far without rubbing up against yours. So, what does it look like to be a Christian in the workplace and to hold the space for difficult conversations in a gracious, present and Christlike way? What do we need to ask, how do we need to listen, and when is it right to speak?

If all of life matters to God, then so does our work, and so do our conversations at work. Even, and perhaps especially, the difficult ones. And yet senior leaders say that the number one weakness of ‘frontline’ leaders is their ability to have difficult conversations.

LICC’s ‘Emerging Leaders’ programme is for 20s-30s taking their first management and leadership roles. It’s time to wave goodbye to your inner imposter, cultivate an awareness of God in your nine-to-five, and learn how to make a difference at work. This one-off Emerging Leaders event is a chance to see what our full programme is all about, as we tackle one of young leaders’ most requested topics: difficult conversations.

LICC’s Emerging Leaders team lead this interactive workshop that weaves together theological reflection, real world context, and practical actions that you can take to work. While the event is aimed at younger leaders, it is open to anyone wanting to learn how to better bring their faith to their work, workplaces and fellow workers.

This event includes informal discussion in breakout rooms of around 5 people.

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