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The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

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Bringing the Everyday to Life in Theological Education


Tuesday 16 May 2023 | 2:30pm


  • Zoom (for those attending online)

  • St Peter's Church, Vere Street (For those attending in-person: arrival 2pm, finishing 4:30pm)

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How can we connect what students learn in class to their daily contexts? Join expert theological educator Perry Shaw for a roundtable discussion.

Teaching theology today is a tricky business. Not only are we tasked with delivering complex curricula, but the students we teach and the contexts they come from are ever more diverse. Unless we theological educators learn to bring their everyday existence to life in the classroom, and land their learning back on their frontlines (the places where they regularly spend time with those who don’t follow Christ), they won’t learn how to be whole-life disciplemakers.

We need to become brokers – adept at crossing boundaries between communities of practice, and bridging the gap between a student’s frontline and the seminary where they study. Doing this well breaks down the sacred-secular divide, helping them transfer their theoretical knowledge to daily life – where they and those they’ll disciple join in God’s mission.

Dr Perry Shaw is internationally recognised as an expert on integrating faith and everyday life through theological education. In this bespoke 90-minute roundtable, we’ll learn from each other and discover wisdom for fresh ‘brokering practices’ – so we can bring our students’ missional context into the classroom, and send them out for the good of the world.

Limited spaces for in-person attendance are available, as well as the option to join via Zoom.

This event is hosted by Dr Dave Benson, Culture and Discipleship Director at LICC. His work includes helping educators and seminaries to form whole-life disciplemakers through their everyday teaching and learning. Find out more about how we can support you in that calling, and join our online Facebook community for theological educators.

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