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Bible Evenings: Daniel | Serving the Lord Over a Career Lifetime


Part One: Wednesday 9 March | 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Part Two: Wednesday 16 March | 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Online Event

Look back to the ancient wisdom of Daniel and discover how the Lord enabled his servant to be faithful in the ups and downs of a career lifetime.

Many of us spend a huge proportion of our lives in work, building a career. And whatever our job, the time we spend in employment is anything but a distraction from the things God really wants us to be doing. In fact, throughout the biblical Daniel’s career, we learn much about his job as a civil servant in a large, culturally diverse, pluralistic empire. We see how he deals with his duties, training, HR mandates, relationships with colleagues and superiors, workplace controversy, and hostility to his faith.

The bottom line? God is keenly interested in our jobs, and each of us has opportunities to further his kingdom in and through the work we do. So how can we live for Christ amid the pressure of a busy job, and particularly in the face of workplace cultures that are suspicious of – or even hostile towards – our faith?

Join us to look at Daniel’s career for answers. We’ll explore his time in the highest level of the government and civil service, how his influence spanned several regimes, and what his life and career have to teach us as we seek to live as disciples of Christ over a lifetime of work and witness. And we’ll discover together what enabled him to dare to be the person God led him to be in his workplace – under immense pressure to act contrary to God’s way.

Led by LICC’s Steve Osei-Mensah, Antony Billington, and Bev Shepherd, we’ll dive into:

  • The context of the Book of Daniel and how we can unlock its truths
  • Daniel’s prayer life and how we can grow in our relationship with the Lord
  • Relating Daniel’s life to our own – what it means to be a whole-life disciple over the long term, and particularly in our work

This Bible Day is designed for anyone who wants to explore how Scripture equips us for discipleship in today’s world – whether you’re preaching, leading a small group, or simply want to grow in fruitfulness in your own context.

Join us whenever works best for you:

  • For the day on Tuesday 8 March, 10am-4pm
  • For two consecutive evenings on Wed 9 and 16 March, 7-9pm


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