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Bible Day: Mark’s Gospel


Tuesday 19 October | 10:00am

Online Event

The gospel changes everything.

Mark’s Gospel is stunning. From its opening declaration, heralding a powerful new move of God, right through to its surprising ending, it leaves you in no doubt this is the greatest story ever told – one that changed the world forever.

At the centre of the story, of course, is Jesus. What has God done through him that changes everything? And how should we live in response, Monday through Sunday?

Join us for this online day workshop to immerse yourself in Mark’s account of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. Together we’ll reflect on what this Gospel says about discipleship in all of life, and discover how Mark invites us to encounter God and learn to live the way of Jesus wherever we are, whatever we do.

During the workshop you’ll benefit from a combination of rich Bible study, in-depth teaching, and lively group discussion. The day will be led by Tracy Cotterell, Senior Mission Associate at LICC and author of the upcoming Gateway Seven study Mark: Living the Way of Jesus in the World.

This Bible Day is designed for anyone who wants to explore how Scripture equips us for discipleship in today’s world – whether you’re preaching, leading a small group, or simply want to grow in fruitfulness in your own context.


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