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The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

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Church Learning Hubs

An immersive journey of change for lay and ordained leadership teams to help them grow whole-life disciplemaking churches.

Jesus calls us to make disciples who live their whole lives for the glory of God. The way we nurture people – whether through services, small groups, or personally – deeply affects the kind of people they are out in the world. Christian community strengthens each believer with renewed boldness, joy, and insight to live for Jesus on their individual frontlines – the ordinary places where they spend time with people who don’t know him.

In community with other churches from your local area or beyond, Learning Hubs are designed to equip anyone in a leadership position – lay and ordained, paid or voluntary – to grow whole-life disciples.

Whether your church has 200 people or 20 people, whether you’re in in the middle of a city or out in the countryside, whether you’re feeling energised or exhausted – Learning Hubs are for you. To help you release the people you serve into the roles God has for them.

What are Learning Hubs?

Learning Hubs help churches explore how they can embed a lasting whole-life disciplemaking culture in their communities. Across a series of workshops, you’ll be guided through a process of change, learning alongside a cohort of other leaders and teams.

Founded on accountability and intentionality, the in-depth workshops are usually held over two years, with key leaders attending every session and ministry teams attending sessions relevant to them. Some sessions are held in-person and some online, depending on what works best for you.

LICC has been listening to and working with churches across the UK in a variety of ways for 40 years. In the last decade, we’ve facilitated hubs for hundreds of churches, supporting them as they equip their congregations for whole-life discipleship. We’ve led Learning Hubs everywhere from London to the Lake District, for streams including the Church of England, Baptists, Methodists, the Salvation Army, and the United Reformed Church.

Head, heart, and hands

Learning Hubs will ground you in the theology and principles of whole-life disciplemaking, helping you grow the motivation, habits, and practical skills you need to put it into practice day by day.

Working together as a leadership team, you’ll discern the existing culture in your church, envision what a whole-life culture could look like, and identify how to get there as a community.

Through this process, you’ll be empowered to help people in your church see their daily lives through God’s eyes, going out into their everyday places inspired and equipped to join his kingdom work there.

Here’s what past attendees have told us they benefited from:

A wealth of experience
Our facilitators are all experienced church leaders sharing ideas and methods developed through work with hundreds of churches.

Interactive learning
You’ll have plenty of time to try ideas with your congregation and reflect on their success (or failure!) in the next group session.

Practical actions to try right away
We share simple steps that create a ripple effect, showing rather than telling, helping you develop lasting culture change.

Space to seek God’s guidance
We intentionally set aside time to pray and listen to God during the workshops, seeking his guidance for our churches, as well as encouraging prayer with our whole communities.

Community support
Collaborating with your team and other churches, you’ll teach and support each other during and long after the Hub.

God at work
Discover new ways to see God’s work in and through your congregation every day, and have the joy of seeing God do more in more places.

Resources at your fingertips
You’ll have access to a whole host of LICC small group materials, preaching packs, service plans, and articles to help you apply the things you learn during the Hub – all easily accessible online or physically, whatever suits you best.

At their heart, Learning Hubs are about community! Along with others seeking to grow whole-life disciples, you’ll have a memorable, friendship-building experience.

Course content

Following an optional induction session, across eight sessions you’ll cover the areas below. We’ll also work with you to create a bespoke offering around these core sessions, depending on your needs.


Casting the vision for whole-life disciplemaking


Leading culture change


Spiritual formation and vitality


Sharing faith in the everyday


Intentional relationships and small groups


Whole-life preaching


Gathered and scattered worship


Growing disciples through the seasons of life

Get involved

Host a Hub

When we work on growing a whole-life disciplemaking culture with others in our neck of the woods, the impact is that much deeper. Gather around 10 churches in your area, network, deanery, or diocese to meet up and learn together and we’ll provide the teaching and facilitation.

Join a Hub in-person or online

A Learning Hub may well be about to start near you – or online! To find out if there’s a Hub you can join, drop us a line – if there is we’ll connect you.

Try it on for size

We know a Learning Hub over two years is a big commitment. So if you’d like to get a feel for the content before joining one, why not try an Imagine Church Envisioning Day? Check out our events or contact us to find out what’s scheduled at the moment.


Contact Steve Rouse to chat about organising a Learning Hub in your church stream.